World Government Awareness Campaign
"Ending ignorance and creating tolerance for a world government"
Resource List - use this list to guide yourself to many world government resources
(Articles, essays, papers, reports, writings, and websites)

1 World, 1 Nation
This is the site of 1 Nation, 1 World Campaign.  It explains the movement of making a global nation that preserves its nation-states.

An Organizational Guide to World Government
"This is an endeavor to convey...[a] proposal to end the United Nations and to create a real World Republic modelled on the USA system."

Association of World Citizens (AWC), The
This is the site of the Association of World Citizens.  It explains why "The central task, on which future generations depend, is to lay the foundation for a Global Village of social and economic justice, lasting peace, and a sustainable environment."

AUD The Association to Unite the Democracies
This is the site of The Association to Unite the Democracies.  Membership, internship, and scholarship information are available here.  (As of June/1998, the links to internships and scholarships don't work.)  Complete text of Clarence Streit's book Union Now is also here.

This is the official site of the Baha'i Faith, a religion based on the idea "...that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society."  The site aims at helping the "peoples of the earth  to accept the fact of their oneness and to assist processes of unification."

Beneficial Enlightening Clear Knowledge
The section called "WORLD PEACE WRITINGS" is a collection of writings by Sanderson Beck on the history of world government and his support for world peace through a federal world government.

Campaign for U.N. reform
This site explains a dedication to build a more effective United Nations system.

Case for a World Government, Part 1, The
This is the first part of a paper written by Ian Finseth "In which the writer sketches out the need for a supernational authority and outlines some of its institutional characteristics."

Case for a World Government, Part 2, The
This is the continuation of the first part.  It asks and answers the question, "Under what circumstances would this new government involve itself, and what precisely would it do?"

Case for a World Government, Part 3, The
This is the last part of the paper.  It takes on "The more difficult assess the implications of such a [world] government -- for the liberty of individual and for the economic independence of member states."

Commission on Global Governance, The
This is the site of The Commission on Global Governance.  Direct access to Our Global Neighbourhood, the Commission's report, is available.  It explains the need for UN reform.  It also stresses that it is "not proposing movement towards world government."

Conclusion:  A Law of War Requires World Government
This page is the conclusion of a paper on war crimes.  It explains how "It is hard to imagine humans existing five hundred years from now without some kind of government at the planetary level.

Constitution of the Earth Federation
This is a proposed constitution for a world government by Scott F. Rausher.

This is a proposed constitution for a world government by Martin Alpert.

Drafting Salvation
This article, by John W. Boyer  in the December 1995 issue of The University of Chicago Magazine, reveals some interesting history of the idea of world government.

The pages in this site "...are for the discussion of one of the most important issues facing manking - that of World Government."  Access to Jamie Carnie's Outline Structure for a democratic World Government is available.  You are encouraged to participate in the on-going debate threads.

Expansionist Brotherhood
"Here you will learn of our ideals and concerns involving the future of humanity and its destiny with the cosmos."  This site expresses support for any movement towards globalism.

Federalismo nel mondo
This is the bulletin of the Italian section of the European Federalist Movement.

Flashes - Contacts - Echanges
FCE - the newspaper: free e-zine for cosmopolitan communication on federal and (multi)cultural ideas and events.
FCE - the studio: recording and production of non commercial CD's for cultural and artistic promotion.

Global Democratic Alliance
This paper by Stan Kahn explores in great detail a plan "that guarantees the individual and the state and even every distinct race and culture the greatest possible freedom and individuality, still recognizing that we are all one - one human race on one world."

Global Eyes
This is a column of "In Motion Magazine."  It explores the impacts of globalization on people, in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Global Millennium Project, The
This is the website of The Global Millennium Project.  It proposes world peace through a world government based on universal human rights.

Globalization and Technocracy
This site introduces several ways " promote discussion and action to bring about a global political and administrative initiative."  Access to Sovereignty in the Electronic Age is available.

"This site is dedicated to truly democratic grassroots activism and discussion of a future World Government."  The World Government Forum available at this site " designed to be a source of inspiration and a breeding ground for new innovative and creative ideas of implementing a WG."  There is access to Amos El-Roy's "Federal World Government Working Paper" and "The death of a Messiah - A Moralistic Manifesto."  There are also lists of related ariticles, books, organizations, and websites.

Grazian Archive:  WORLD GOVERNANCE
Access to a series of books on world governance by Professor Alfred de Grazia is available.  These books include Kalos, Kalotics, and Strengthening The United Nations 1997-2000.

Integrative Global Action
Links to 11,111 web pages relating to international organizations, world problems, and other concerns, are available here.

International Discussion Club
This is the website of the International Discussion Club.  There is a section about the world government movement in Russia.

This is the site of the Unification Party.  It introduces plans for creating the United Nations into a world government.

Jeunes Europeens Federalistes / Young European Federalists / Junge Europaische Foderalisten / JEF
This site explains beliefs " a united Europe - a Europe based on democracy, peace and equality -..."  Information on subscribing to JEF mailing lists and The New Federalist is available.  (JEF is a global partner of WFA)

This is a list of links to hundreds of sites relating to world problems and isssues, including world government.

This paper looks into "What are the disciplines which will be imposed upon, and the principles which will guide, the World Government so many of us are dreaming of?"

Model World Government - Introduction
This site introduces a proposal for forming a simulation of future world government.  Many opinions of world government are available.

This is the online newsletter of the Bahai International Community.  This site " allows thousands more readers to explore important trends in the areas of human rights, social and economic development, global governance, the advancement of women, education, and the environment.  "Each 16-page isssue contains two or three in-depth feature stories on the United Nations, noteworthy social and economic development projects, environmental efforts or educational programs, along with an editorial that addresses world problems from a Baha'i point of view."

"This site is dedicated to helping people understand the nature of post-national politics and how they can help insure that the establishment of a world federal government is along accountable, representative lines."  This site expresses support for a world federation through a reformed United Nations.

Sees U.S.-Britain Union For Peace
This article, originally printed by The Baltimore News-Post on Monday December 8, 1941, displays some history on the idea of a world government.

Seventh Seal - World Government
Here is a list of links to world government related sites.

Sometimes the Nuts are Right
WGAC hates to bring this up, but we feel that pretending it's not there is not going to make it go away:  There's a lot of sources on and off the Internet that suggest that world government is a United Nations' conspiracy.  Anyway, "Sometimes the Nuts are Right" provides a reasonable answer to this paranoia.

Sun Rising On A New Century, The - ACTION COALITION for GLOBAL CHANGE (ACGC)
This is the site of Action Coalition for Global Change.  Access to the United People's Assembly (UPA) is available here.  The site explains "the movement to create a permament People's Assembly that will represent all peoples, NGOs, and civil society and give us a voice -- both within the U.N. and without -- to control our own destiny."

This site provides a list of books that deal with the formation of Quincy Wright's New World Order.

"The purpose of this web site it to advocate a way of life based on the concept that in order to improve our lives on this planet and insure peace, we must eventually allow our social and political allegiances to seek a higher order.  In other words, we must eventually become one world, one government, and one people."  This site explores ideas of a future U.N. with enhanced powers.

Turning Point For All Nations
This is a statement of the Baha'i International Community on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations October 1995.  It introduces detailed suggestions to the United Nations for reform.  It also explains the need and importance for unification.

United Nations
This is the website of the United Nations.  It introduces the structure and work of the United Nations.  Information about audio - visual services at the United Nations is also available.

United Planetary Federation (unified peace foundation)
This is the website of the United Planetary Federation.  This site provides a lot of  information on UN reform, world federalism, global integration, the Unified Planetary Assembly, and other theories on world peace.  There's also a video that can be downloaded.  One can join the various ListServs available here.

United World
This is the online version of United World.  Like the hard copy published by UMR, this site is "for the benefit of organizations dealing with the issue of World Government."

United World Federalist of Japan (UWFJ)
This is the website of the United World Federalist of Japan, the Japanese chapter of the World Federalist Movement.  Information on a world federation and the movement in Japan for a world federation is available.

Virginia Commonwealth Chapter of the World Federalist Association
This site provides news and information about one of the most active state chapters in promoting awareness of world federalism.  Access to The Declaration of Mount Vernon is available.

Warwick Leaflets, The
These are the texts of the "Warwick Leaflets" published by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Warwick, U.K.  The leaflets explain the Baha'is Fatith's ideas of world peace, world citizenship, and world government.

World Christian Representation Union
This site is dedicated to the unity of Christians against anti-Christian persecution & for a democratic world government with religious rights for all.

World Citizen Foundation / Foundation des citoyens du Monde / Mondcivitana Fonduso
This is the website of the World Citizen Foundation.  Plenty of tools for promoting and educating the global public of world citizenship and world government are available at this site.

World Constitution and Parliament Association
This is the website of the World Constitution and Parliament Association.  The past, present, and future of constitutional world government are presented.  The site explains the initiative to replace the Charter of the United Nations with a Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  Full text of the constitution is available along with the opportunity to ratify it online!

World Federalist Association
This site explains in full detail the aims of the United States branch of the World Federalist Movement.  Many publications can be ordered through this site.  Information on affiliated programs is available.  Subscription to WFA's ListServe can be obtained.

This site explains the aims and accomplishments of the World Federalist Association of Sweden, the Swedish member organization of the World Federalist Movement and global partner of the World Federalist Association.

This is site explains the movement in the Netherlands for a federal world government.

World Federalist Movement
This is the site for the World Federalist Movement.  Access to the Statement of Purpose is available.  It explains federalistic ideas for United Nations reform.  You are able to become a member and join the WFM e-mail ListServ through this site.

World Federalist Movement Germany / Die Weltfoderalisten in Deutschland
This is the official site of the World Federalist Movement Germany.  It explains how "World federation is a goal for the future - and an urgent task for today."

World Federalist Movement Germany e.V.
This site explains the concept of federalism.

World Federalists of Canada / Mouvement Canadien Pour Une Federation Mondiale
The online presence of the World Federalists of Canada brings up issues that explain why international cooperation is needed to apply the principles of democratic federalism for a world government.  (The World Federalists of Canada is a global member of the World Federalists Association.)

World Government and the Roman Catholic Church
This essay by John J. Reilly "is about the role of the international system in Catholic social theory."

This is the online home of the World Government Institute.  It is a discussion section of the world government movement.  Acces to Toshio Suzuki's "INTERNATIONAL PARTY FOR THE WORLD GOVERNMENT" is available.  There is a forum, list of links, and a mailing list.  Information about the world government movement in Japan is also provided.

World Government Web
This is the website of the World Service Authority.  The website identifies the World Government of World Citizens.  There's a lot at this site, including access to cartoons, quotes, information on Mundialization and the legal arm of WSA, and World Citizen News.  There's also information on registering as a world citizen.

World Integration and Improvement Initiative (WIII)
This is the site of World Integration and Improvement Initiative, a public awareness campaign.  It explains functions of a trully democratic world government.  Registration as a world citizen can also be done here.

World-nationalism:  normative globalism as pan-nationalism
This is frankly the only well cunstructed article that WGAC could find on the Internet AGAINST world government.  "this article is about the ethical claims of normative globalism."  WGAC has put a link to this site because we want to prove a point that people make assumptions without enough information.  We urge you to conduct your own research and then compare it with this article.  Please contact us with your results.

Baha'i Focus on Peace

World Peace and World Government From Vision to Reality